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Our experience has told us one thing. No matter what the event is we always deliver... your guest will be raving about your party for years to come!

Wedding Pic Your Wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. A significant part of your wedding will be the music. What will your guests talk about for years to come?... The fun they had dancing to the band!

Our Wedding Package

  • Cocktail Hour with Jazz Piano, Flugelhorn, Sax performing Jazz Standards
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • We will learn your special music!
  • A live Dinner Music Set
  • Four Hours of live awesome music that will keep your guest dancing all night long!
  • Provide recorded music (CD's) during our very short breaks
  • Professional lights and sound provided by the band.
  • Coordination with your Caterer and Banquet Hall Manager
  • A personal interview with the band leader to review and or help you with your reception plans
  • Ceremony Music is also available at an additional charge.

Questions? please read our FAQ.

For Availability and Pricing Information contact us!

Fundrasier Pic We take pride in helping you obtain your fundraising goals by donating a portion of our normal rate toward your cause. Take the stress out of planning your event by having our band leader, Dana help you plan the evening.

Our Fundraiser Package

  • Cocktail Hour with Jazz Piano, Flugelhorn, Sax performing Jazz Standards (Optional)
  • Master of Ceremonies for special announcements
  • A live Dinner Music Set
  • Four Hours of live awesome music that will keep your guest dancing all night long!
  • Provide recorded music (CD's) during our very short breaks
  • Professional lights and sound provided by the band.
  • Coordination with your Caterer and Banquet Hall Manager
  • A personal interview with the band leader to review and or help you with your plans
  • We will discounted our normal rate as a donation to your cause!

The following is a sample of the clients we have served:

  • Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • American Heart Association
  • Healthy Hearts Kid Club
  • The Bethesda Project

Questions? please read our FAQ.

For Availability and Pricing Information Please contact us!

Fundrasier Pic Whether you are entertaining clients, associates or employees, the music you choose can be the difference between a great party or a bad one. Take a look at Groove Place. They will have your guests raving about the party for years to come!

Our Corporate Package

  • Cocktail Hour with Jazz Piano, Flugelhorn, Sax performing Jazz Standards (Optional)
  • Master of Ceremonies for special announcements
  • A live Dinner Music Set
  • Four Hours of live awesome music that will keep your guest dancing all night long!
  • Provide recorded music (CD's) during our very short breaks
  • Professional lights and sound provided by the band.
  • Coordination with your Caterer and Banquet Hall Manager
  • A personal interview with the band leader to review and or help you with your plans

The following is a sample of the corporations we have served:

  • Ernst and Young
  • American Heart Association

Questions? please read our FAQ.

For Availability and Pricing Information Please contact us!

Fundrasier Pic Having an extensive fan base in the Philadelphia area will increase your bottom line. Let Groove Place pack the house!

Our Club Package

  • Three hours of live awesome music that will keep your customers dancing all night long!
  • Professional lights and sound provided by the band.

For Availability and Pricing Information Please contact us!


Drawn from years of experience we have compiled a list of frequently asked question. Although this FAQ is geared toward weddings it is also very useful for other events. We hope that you find this information, and our answers, helpful in your decision making process.



Who will contact me?

No secretaries, assistants or sales personnel at the Groove Place. You will be contacted directly by the bandleader, Dana Camacho, who will guide you personally throughout the entire process.

How can I receive information about the Band?

A professional band should have promotional material to hand out. If they do not, you maybe dealing with a startup. We would love to send you our promotion material. This would consist of our audio CD, DVD, and press related materials. Just ask us!

Can we see the band perform?

If a band just wants you to hire them based on only their promotion material then beware as you may not get what you think you are getting. We recommend to all of our clients to go see and hear the band you are going to hire. We do our best to schedule public gigs so you may come out and see us. This way we stay connected to our clients, family, friends, and fans. There's no better way to do this than to engage them once and a while at a public gig. So please do come out and spend an evening with us. Expect NO high pressure sales tactics, just a thank you for taking your time to come see us! If you would rather come to a showcase we would be more than happy to arrange this for you as well. Just ask to be added to our showcase list or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of our events. We do not encourage clients to come to our private gigs because no matter how unobtrusive you are, you are "crashing" an event. Two other considerations are, 1. these are not your guests and 2. you’re not hearing your wedding music as each private is customized for that client which may not be what you care for.

Can we meet?

If a band leader can't meet with you how much attention to detail will you get throughout the process? Our first meeting will most likely occur when you come see us. Our band leader, Dana enjoys getting to know you and has a passion for helping you. So please lookout for Dana (the guitar player) at a gig, and he will be very glad to me you. You may also talk to any band member, as they know a great deal of information as well. Later in the process as we get closer to your event Dana will meet with you personally. He will help you plan your event, which includes reviewing your musical selections, the flow of the evening and every other minute detail.



How did you come up with your Band name?

Our name is a take of off a place we have been calling home for entire life of the band. The band name is our rehearsal studio and business address: "Grove Place". We just added an 'o' to our street name. Hence the street sign logo and navigation to our web site. Click here to learn more about the band.

What type music do you play?

When working with a band expect a song list and look it over carefully. Beware of a bands claming they can play everything, they may not be so good at a particular genre. Ask them what they perform best and see if that aligns with what you desire. We have a vast repertoire of music that spans over eight decades of music. We strive to perform the following various musical styles Dance, R&B, Funk, Soul, Motown, Rock, Blues, Big Band, Jazz and Latin with precision. If you don't see your favorite song on our list please ask us about it, as we always learning new material. If you have a special dance in mind please let us know as we would be happy to learn it for you. Please review our song list to ensure we are the right band for you.

What is the band’s performance like?

Make sure you select a band that reflects you! Groove Place is extremely entertaining, a high energy party band determined to captivate the crowd at your event. We have a vibe that just wants to make you dance! We also interact with your guest in a unique way that connects the band to them. Please listen to our online audio demo and watch our video to get and idea of what we can do for you.

Who are the members of the band?

Beware; make sure you ask if the band demo and video is the current band you are booking. Are the singers on the demo the same singers that will entertain at my event? Some bands are made up of nothing but substitutions. Some agencies will mix and match from a pool of steady and substitute musicians to forming a last minute band for you. If you see a montage of pictures and no biography on a bands web site then be forewarned, that band may not show up with the personnel and talent you think they have. Groove Place consists of dedicated musicians that have been in the band for years. Our biography, audio , video and photo gallery accurately depict the band as is. Please be rest assured that the band you hire is the band that will show up.

What if a band member is unavailable for my event?

As in life, personnel changes may occur. Illness, extenuating circumstances or even pregnancies can cause a temporary or permanent change in band members. In the unlikely event that a member of Groove Place cannot be present at your wedding, a substitute, of the highest quality, will be used as a replacement.

What is the Band Attire?

Unless requested by the client, the men wear tuxedos, white shirts and black ties. The women dress in evening wear, either cocktail length or full length gowns.

Does the band travel?

Yes! Groove Place will travel anywhere within the United States!



How many hours does the band play?

Normally a minimum of three hours There are many musical options available, that can include your ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing.

How large is Groove Place?

Beware of band leaders that go out of their way to give you options to make a sale. Look at their song list and ask yourself do they have the correct number of musicians to cover that material? Do they just have a sax player and have the keyboard player playing the horn parts? Are they supplementing their performance with computers and electronic music? How will they sound doing Big Band music with just a sax and trumpet player?

We are truly committed to replicating the original sound of the instrumentation of our music and do not believe in artificial cover up. When you hire us you get the full sound of the horn section, a trombone, first and second trumpets, and sax. You also get the best of both worlds in song selection and range with our lead male and female vocalist. There really is no comparison between a two piece horn section and a four piece or a band with a just a sax player If you really want a band that has horns do not settle for less!

Because of this we do not offer the band in any other configurations although we do have special configurations for ceremony and cocktail hour. Also, just because we are a larger band doesn't mean it's a larger price tag.

Request a quote from us! We are sure you will be amazed by our reasonable rate.

Do you perform for wedding ceremonies?

Yes, our typical configuration is our pianist performing classical pieces with an option of a woodwind or brass soloist. If you desire other configurations we have plenty of experience and resources to obtain what you need.

Other configurations are these:

  • Solo harp
  • Solo organ
  • Vocal soloist
  • Classical guitar
  • Violin and piano
  • Piano trio (violin, flute and piano)
  • String trio (two violins and cello)
  • Flute trio (flute, violin and cello)
  • String quartet (two violins, viola and cello)
  • Flute quartet (flute, violin, viola and cello)
  • Larger string and flute ensembles
  • Woodwind and brass ensembles

Rates for ceremony music are in addition to our quoted price.

Does the band provide music for the cocktail reception?

Yes, our typical configuration is piano with a saxophone and trumpet performing jazz standards. Cocktail hour is a time for your guest to mingle therefore we make a conscious effort to keep the volume at a level in which your guest can easily hold a conversation.

What about dinner music?

Yes, there are plenty of options as to when we start dinner music. We normally continue the cocktail hour theme with a full band over dinner. We also add some contemporary pieces as well. You can tell us what you would like to hear from our song list and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

Should I have continuous or non-continuous music?

There are plenty of options here, but if you want the full band playing the entire time it will be an additional charge. Typically the band will break a total of one half hour during a four hour reception. That's usually a 15, 10, and 5 minute break. During our breaks we play recorded music through our sound system so there is never a time without music.

Will the band learn new music?

Beware, some bands will not do this, others may just play a CD when it comes to your special dance. Could you image a ten piece band standing idle while a cd performs your first dance, how impersonal is this.

We always go out of our way to satisfy the customer’s needs for a special dance request. Over the years we have gotten some pretty strange request but we always put our time in and make sure the music for your dance is spot on perfect. We have also been known to learn as many as three songs for one client alone. However within reason and given limits our package will allow the inclusion of learning your first dance. We will take into consideration learning other songs within reason.



When does the band set up?

When you hire a band make sure they show up in time to setup before your guests arrive. Make sure they sound check before your event begins and not during your ceremony or cocktail hour. We always allocate sufficient time to ensure our stage configuration is setup and sound checked. This is usually a minimum of two hours before the cocktail hour. If the ceremony is at the same location as the reception we allow even more time for setup.

Does the band have a sound system?

Yes, we provide a professional sound system. This system is used for our performance as well as for all announcements. A wireless microphone is always available for your use. It offers you and your guests the convenience of being able to make toasts and remarks from anywhere in the room.

How does the band approach volume issues?

We will make sure that the bands sound level is balanced in the room. We are very sensitive to volume issues. We keep our volume low during dinner hour and ramp it up a bit during the dance sets. There is never a time were you wont be able to carry on a conversation in the room. During the evening, if you ever have a volume question, just ask us and we will make the proper adjustment.

Will the band make announcements?

Yes, our dedicated male vocalist will take care of all announcements and work with the band leader and banquet hall manager to ensure a seamless evening.

Do you allow guests sit-in with the band?

Yes! We always try and plan and arrange this in advance. This is normally discovered during the interview process by the band leader. If called for on the day of the event we only ask to talk to the person before we allow them to perform. We encourage and embrace this as we feel this helps the band to connect to your guest in a personal way.

Do you take breaks?

Yes, typically for a four hour reception we will break three times, a 15, 10, and 5 minute break in that order. During our breaks we play recorded music through our sound system. Breaks are not necessary timed as we try our best to schedule the breaks at logical points in the evening. Breaks can occur during toasts, or when a course is served.

Does the band expect to eat?

No, not necessarily, that's completely up to you. Of course we always appreciate your generous hospitality and staff meals are fine.



How quickly should I hire a band?

The sooner you book your music the better. Following the Easter and Passover holidays, we have found that April, May and June are extremely busy, along with September through December. July and August are next in popularity, followed by January, February and March. Saturday nights are the most popular times for events and there are only so many Saturdays. If your wedding is not scheduled for a Saturday night, you increase the possibility of the band being available. The best thing to do is contact us at 484-459-0101 and ask about our availability. You may also request a quote right from our web site.

Will you hold my date?

If you are seriously interested in hiring the band, but need some time to make your final decision, we will offer you the "right of first refusal". Essentially, what this means is that, if we receive another inquiry for your wedding date, we will call you and give you first choice for our services. In the event that you are unable to give us a definite answer at that time, we will then make ourselves available to any other interested party, on a "first come first serve" basis.

Our hold/lock process is as follows:

If you commit to come see the band we will tentatively hold you date since you are showing interest in us. If you are a no show at our performance we will release your date for other clients. If there is a conflict between two clients for the same date we will let you know in advance of coming to our show and give you "right of first refusal".

Shortly after seeing the band we would expect you to decide if we are right for you. If you still cannot commit, we will release your date at that time.

If we move forward with a contract, the date is considered locked, then finally locked when we receive the deposit and contract is signed by both parties.

Do I get a contract?

Yes, we use a standard entertainment performance contact.

What about a deposit?

We do not believe in taking a large portion your money in advance. We are not a bank and do not want to collect interest on your money.

We only require a $500.00 deposit to lock your date.

What are the payment terms?

We require a deposit of $500.00 to lock your date, and then we expect half the balance in the form of a check ten days before the event. The remainder of the balance is to be paid in cash the day of the event upon arrival. Sorry, we cannot accept checks or a money order the day of the event. We do understand that you may not be willing to carry a large amount of cash on you the day of your event. You may wish to pay more ten days out or have a parent hold the money for the band the day of.

What is our Overtime Policy?

Our overtime policy covers time spend outside of the contracted hours. We would be more than willing to accommodate you at a rate of $875.00 per hour. The minimum time requirement for overtime is one hour.

What is the band’s cancellation policy?

Once a contract has been executed, it can only be cancelled with the mutual written consent of both parties. But, there can sometimes be extenuating circumstances and if you need or want to cancel our services, we will discuss it with you.